Is Collaborative Practice For You?

Collaborative Practice will not be suitable for everyone. Divorce and separation is a highly personal matter and no one approach is right for everyone. However, Collaborative Practice is a welcome alternative to the potentially destructive aspects of conventional divorce.

To determine whether Collaborative Practice is right for you, ask yourself whether these values are important to you:
  • Maintaining an atmosphere of respect, even in the presence of disagreements
  • If you have children, prioritising their needs
  • Listening objectively to your spouse’s needs, fully expecting that your own needs will be given equal consideration
  • Working creatively and cooperatively to solve issues
  • Seeing beyond the frustration and pain of the present moment to plan for the future
  • Behaving in an ethical manner towards your spouse
  • Keeping control of the divorce/separation process with you and your partner, to avoid the court system where a Judge makes the final decisions for you both.
If you can say “yes” to these basic principles, then Collaborative Practice may be for you. Your lawyer can discuss your own personal circumstances with you to help you decide whether Collaborative Practice really is an option that would work for you.