Role of Collaborative Family Consultants

Collaborative Family Consultants

Why Family Consultants are needed

The aim of the Collaborative Practice is to arrive at a settlement through co-operation. Yet, despite the best intentions of the couple, this can sometimes be difficult to achieve in the face of the emotional fallout from what is often a deeply painful separation.

Collaborative Family Consultants are there to support couples before, during and after settlement negotiations. Broadly they are split into three main categories:-

  • Collaborative Coaches.
  • Child Specialists.
  • Couple Therapists.

Collaborative Coaches

As Collaborative Coaches, our aim is to support couples, ensuring that difficulties in their emotional history don’t get in the way of negotiations.

What we do... When a couple approach a Collaborative Lawyer, they may be referred to for an initial consultation with a collaborative coach. We then help couples assess how emotionally prepared they are to get the best out of their time with the Lawyer.

From the initial meeting we may suggest:

  • that they go ahead and meet the Lawyer without any further support from us;
  • that they have further meetings with one or more of us to work through emotional difficulties before meeting the Lawyer again;
  • suggest that one or two of us be present at the meetings with the Lawyer;
  • that one or both of the couple see another specialist, such as an anger management expert or childcare consultant.

Who we are... We are health and social welfare professionals from a range of backgrounds; we have a considerable amount experience of working at depth with couples who are facing conflict in their relationship or wishing to end.