Role of Financial Neutrals

Financial Neutrals are experienced in helping people plan for their futures; when acting in your collaborative divorce, can help you reach a financial agreement that leaves both parties in the best possible shape for the future.

Areas where a Financial Neutral can assist the collaborative divorce process include:
  • Predicting the long term financial effects of different potential settlements;
  • Showing the financial effect on your lifestyle;
  • Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the various options when including pensions in the settlement;
  • Advising on tax consequences of transferring or selling assets;
  • Advising on your capacity to take out a mortgage post divorce;
  • Commenting on portfolio efficiency when offsetting assets;
  • Amending the beneficiaries of death benefits of any retained policies;
  • Addressing any need to insure maintenance payments;
  • Helping to explain where one party is inexperienced with finances.
All of the Collaborative Financial Neutrals appearing on this website are accredited by Resolution as Specialists. Resolution has created a national database of accredited Financial Neutrals. The accreditation process firstly requires the adviser to have a high degree of experience and qualifications, including qualifications entitling the adviser to be authorised as a Pension Specialist by the Financial Services Authority.

Each Collaborative Financial Neutral must attend a Resolution approved course and have passed a specific examination. Your Collaborative Lawyer will be able to provide you with further information and a list of the accredited Financial Neutrals in your area.