Collaborative Practitioners Plan Awareness Campaign

posted 8 Oct 2010, 15:54 by Unknown user   [ updated 11 Oct 2010, 15:33 ]
Collaborative practitioners in the South and South West have been practising collaborative law for over five years. In towns and cities across the region divorce lawyers, counsellors and financial planners have been getting together in POD meetings to share experiences and best practice in collaborative family law.

Regional chair of Collaborative Family Lawyers, Peter Berry of Forrester & Forrester, recently completed a round robin tour of PODs to learn more about what collaborative practitioners wanted from the regional committee and the resounding response was help with marketing the concept.

"The passion and enthusiasm amongst collaborative family lawyers for this no court divorce solution remains as high as ever," Peter explained, "and there's a strong desire to raise greater awareness so that couples who are facing up to this most traumatic of experiences know that there is a way of divorcing that can minimise the pain and hurt for them and their loved ones."

Plans are now under way to launch a media campaign in January 2011 under the heading Collaborative Week. A series of news items and initiatives are planned with the aim of helping PODs in the regions engage their local media in the concept.