Top Five Tips for a Silver Divorce

posted 27 Nov 2013, 01:32 by Collaborative Divorce News   [ updated 13 Feb 2014, 01:19 ]
Increasing numbers of over 60s are choosing to divorce. Collaborative Family Lawyer Katy Zikking of QualitySolicitors Burroughs Day in Bristol has the following top five tips for a Silver Divorce:
  1. Consider an amicable approach to the divorce. Research collaborative practice.
  2. Take independent legal advice as soon as you feel ready. Ensure your solicitor is someone you can relate to and feel comfortable with.
  3. Consider family therapy to ensure the wider family emerges unscathed.
  4. Take independent financial advice to ensure your money will work for you as hard as possible throughout retirement.
  5. Look after yourself and your health. Divorce is a stressful process and you will need to invest in your health as well as your finances.
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