Beverley Rockliff

Porter Dodson

Central House, Church Street, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1HH
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Beverley has been a traditional family lawyer for some 25 years now.  She cares passionately and deeply about her clients and their families and will always go "the extra mile" to help promote a fair and just result for their difficulties.
Her mantra always was that "everybody loses in a divorce but the children lose most of all".  But Beverley trained in Cork, Ireland in 2003 to become a collaborative family practitioner and she will now tell you - with confidence - that she and her collaborative colleague spend their time creating a "win win" solution for both parties.  She realised that that is what had been missing in the caseload she had been involved with for the last 17 years of her practising life! Satisfying solutions made for really happy clients.
Although collaborative law may not be the universal panacea and while it may not be for everybody (especially if you want your "day in Court" at a cost of £50,000+ or so) if it is possible with the help of a family coach, an accountant, an Independent Financial Adviser and a couple of family lawyers who really care - about YOU, your spouse, your extended family, your children (and most importantly your futures) then this is the way forward for you all.
Go for it!  We can and WANT to help you!

Other Information 

Bev lives in Frome, is  married to Geoff,  has one son, Christopher and a granddaughter, Angel.  She works in Yeovil with her partners at Porter Dodson and really enjoys life - all of which contribute to her having gone a bit grey!!