Collaborative Week 2011

24th January 2011 sees the start of Collaborative Week 2011. This is an initiative by collaborative family law practitioners to raise the awareness of Collaborative Family Law in the UK.

Family Lawyers, Family Consultants and Financial Planners are coming together across the South and South West of England to make a concerted and collaborative effort to raise the profile within our region and nationally. Having seen first hand how the collaborative process has helped clients who have opted for this respectful and constructive method of dealing with separation, we want everyone thinking about divorce to find out more.

Bath Family Lawyers Promote Collaborative Week 2011

Activities taking place during Collaborative Week include presentations, news stories via traditional and social media, post cards to professionals who deal with divorce and much more including the video on the right.

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If you are thinking about divorce, this website has a range of resources to help explain what the Collaborative process is all about. The best way to learn more is to seek legal advice from a professional who has had training in collaborative law and can help you assess whether this option is right for you. If you click on a town or county near you, you will find a list of collaborative practitioners willing and able to help you. Alternatively, for the national database of Collaboratively trained lawyers, visit