What Clients Say

“I was pleased with the process and will recommend it to anyone I know who is thinking about separation or divorce”.
“It was very emotional but also empowering for me to negotiate the settlement that I felt was fair for both parties”.
“Well, we can pay people to fight for each of us, or we can fight and pay people to referee, or we can work it out and pay people to help us. I'd rather do the last one!”
“It was a positive process for me. I actually found the self-confidence to stand up for myself and express my own needs”.

“I'm really glad we chose this process. For our family and for each other, it allows us to have sustainable amicability”.

“You listened well to me, and my upset and my needs. You handled things in an orderly, thorough and gentle manner. I felt I got every penny's worth…”
“Divorce is difficult, and with the passage of time, and all of your help and support, my life is happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

“It's done. I can sleep. I can laugh. I can play. All thanks to you”.

“The Collaborative process provided three significant benefits:
  1. the private nature in which it is performed;
  2. less contentiousness and therefore, less anxiety-ridden; and
  3. the outcome seemed fair for both parties.
You embodied confidence and compassion. These are two traits which were necessary to help me feel comfortable and focused through this painful situation”.